is donation-ware, downloadable from this site only.

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Graphite was developed using Juce Framework.

You use it at your own risk – I cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the installation or use of this software.

Graphite is currently available as a 64-bit Windows VST, VST3 plugin and as a 64-bit Mac VST, VST3, AU plugin.

титулка для сайта


You can use wavetables with 2048 samples in wav format, for example you can export wavetables from “Node” directly to “Graphite”. Just put the wavetables in Tables folder. On Windows it will be in documents/Spore Sound/Tables, on Mac in Library/Audio/Presets/Spore Sound/Tables/



“Graphite” uses two filters, whitch work in 3 modes: paralel, serial, split. 



FX section includes two type of reverb, chorus, flanger, tube preamp, compressor, delay and simple arpegiator. Also you can change FX routing

fx section


Antialiasing method designed for quality sound and low cpu usage. 


modulation matrix

Contains 9 sources with 4 destination for each.

matrix mod